Japanese Model Building Kit, traditional Showa Confectionery Sweet Shop, Billy 8532 FARJMK003

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A fantastically detailed model kit for crafters from Japan. Extremely high quality and a wonderful level of fine detail.

This kit is of a traditional Japanese Confectionery sweet shop with fun items for children.

The kit contains all the elements you will need made from a mixture of different materials such as wood, foam board, fabric, miniature models etc. This kit also has lighting which requires 2 x AA batteries (not included).

This model is intended to be built by those 14 years and over and is designed to provide hours of patient building for the dedicated crafter.

Approximate completion size: W220mm X D130mm X H180mm.

PLEASE NOTE: Printed instructions are entirely in Japanese, but there are excellent video tutorials available on Youtube - WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU VIEW BEFORE BEGINNING YOUR BUILD.