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Gyoza Mold, Dumpling Maker. Ravioli Folder, 9cm diameter. Easy Gyoza.


Easy Gyoza Maker: Gyoza Mold Kit.

Authentic Japanese branded product.

Perfect to shape gyoza or Jio-Zi (Chinese dumpling).

Easy to use plastic mold to make perfect Gyoza every time. Suitable for Gyoza, Chinese Dumpling, Wonton, Ravioli.

9cm diameter plus 5.5cm handles.

Polypropylene. Dishwasher safe.

Pack Dimensions approx: 18cm long x 15cm wide x 4.2cm deep. Packaging may vary.


1. Lay the gyoza wrapper on the open product and place the filling on top.

2. Moisten the edges of the gyoza wrapper with water.

3. Hold the handle and fold in half.

4. Sandwich together so the qyoza wrapper sticks completely, then simply open to finish.