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Rare Thai 7" 45 EP: Bee Gees, Boston - More Than a Feeling, Jeff Beck - Come Dancing


Rare Thai EPs: These were generally released in Thailand in the 1970s. Western record companies had no interest in Thailand at that time as very few Thai people owned personal record players (only the wealthy), and also due to the fairly relaxed view on copyright law in Thailand at the time. Thai record companies released these 45s as extended players mainly for jukebox play. They all have the large centre jukebox holes. Sleeves tend to be fairly flimsy and usually, but not always, the record also has its own plastic liner - normally round bottomed poly sleeve. 

The content is normally 4 songs (sometimes less if some of the tracks are long). These can all be from one artist, or 4 different artists (usually with no relationship at all between the tracks) making for some pretty eclectic records! They are all scarce (even in Thailand) as they were never produced in large quantities in the first place, being aimed at the jukebox market in cafes and bars, and many have not survived. These EPs tend to be collected for their scarcity rather than their sound quality. The covers can be a bit bizarre and can even feature artists not on the record.

I will be listing around 40 of these and there's no way I have time to listen to each one and grade the audio quality, but I will make comments on the visual condition of each disc.


Bees Gees - 2 tracks + Boston & Jeff Beck.

Track listing:

Bees Gees: You Stepped Into My Life.

Bee Gees: Love So Right.

Boston: More Than A Feeling.

Jeff Beck: Come Dancing.

Record Label & ID number:

Express Songs EXP. 241.


See Photos. Some ringwear and general wear, but very good. no Inner.


Some minor mottling but looks Very Good.