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Vegetable Oil Hardening Agent. Oil Coagulant.


Vegetable Oil Hardening Agent. Oil Coagulant.

A very useful product from Japan. Avoid blocking pipes if you have to pour away cooking oil. Add a sachet of the hardening agent to you pot of cooking oil and it will cause it to harden, then you can dispose of it in your normal general household waste. Particularly good for those living in flats.

Each pack contains 5 sachets - good for 5 x individual treatments. Use 1 sachet for up to around 650ml of oil.

1. Pour sachet into oil which is still hot (80 degrees or higher), after cooking. 
2. Mix well into the oil and place the empty pack inside the oil too to show the oil is being treated. Fried food scraps can also be incorporated into the oil.
3. It takes 20 to 50 minutes for the oil to harden.
4. Allow to cool then dispose of it.

Pack size: approx 14cm high x 8.5cm wide x 3.5cm deep. Packaging may vary.