The finest arts and crafts from Thailand and South East Asia

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Thai Loofah - in different sizes - available in singles or multipacks


Thai Loofah - in different sizes - available in singles or multipacks.

Available as individual loofahs or in multipacks of 3.

Thai loofah - A loofah is the dried body of an asian plant, classified in the cucumber family of plants and known as gambas or Chinese Okra or Vietnamese Gourd. It forms a sponge-like cylinder. Its fibrous yet gentle constituency makes it ideal for removing dead skin cells whilst still softening and refreshing the skin. Perfect for exfoliating. The size and shape of each loofah will vary as nature intended but they are available in 2 sizes:

Medium: Approx 13cm long.
Large: Approx 40-60cm long (average around 50cm).

Each one in a sealed plastic wrap. With string hanging loops (easily removed if not required).