The finest arts and crafts from Thailand and South East Asia

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Antique Buddhist amulets – different styles and prices


Antique Buddhist amulets – different styles and prices

Thai and Cambodian. Material: Bronze/copper alloy, metal

See photographs for product codes.

These amulets are from Thailand and Cambodia and have considerable age to them, but we cannot be precise about exact dating.

Q1: 7.8cm high: £125.00
Q2: 5.2cm high: £79.00
Q3: 4.3cm high: £89.00
Q4: 3.9cm high: £45.00
Q5: 3.3cm high: £45.00
Q6: 4.6cm high: £79.00
Q7: 4.5cm high: £60.00
Q8: 3.6cm high: £60.00
Q9: 2.9cm high: £45.00 
Q10: 5.9cm high: £89.00
Q11: 3.7cm high: £60.00
Q12: 4.7cm high: £65.00
Q13: 4.1cm high: £99.00 (supplied in amulet pendant case : case = 5.4cm x 2.6cm x 1.3cm).