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Isaan Sausage Barbecue - Street seller style


Isaan Sausage Barbecue - Street seller style.

Wander the streets of Bangkok and you'll soon see these barbecues in use by the roadside, as sellers cook their fermented pork Isaan sausages - Sai Krak Isaan. 

These are sausages cooked on a skewer - the angled top to this barbecue helps allow excess fat to drain into channels at the side of the barbecue and lessens unwanted flaming from the charcoal. Clearly you can adapt the use of the barbecue to meet your food needs. Do a quick Youtube search to see these barbecues in action!

Great quality and just like many of you would have seen being used by street sellers and local restaurants in Thailand. Handmade, so minor imperfections are normal.

Unusual to find these outside Asia - first time we have ever seen for sale in Europe. 

Top Grill lifts off. Burnt Charcoal ash drawer pulls out. 2 side channels are removable for cleaning.

Approximate dimensions (size of grilling area): 14 inch (36cm) x 5 inch (13cm) on both sides upwards.
Total product size, unpacked, approximately 50cm long x 32cm wide x 40cm high.

The barbecue is referred to in Thailand as being 16 inch size.

Caution: gets very hot - perfect for outdoor cooking.